DMIT Software is another white-collar Fraud

DMITDMIT Software is another white-collar Fraud:

It all started in early 2006, by few opportunist Software Professionals in China, India, Malaysia and Taiwan. They have misused some researchers name for ‘Dermatoglyphics’ and Prof. Howard Gardner’s name for ‘Multiple Intelligence’ and made their software. They have floated it all over Asia, founded some fake Research Centers and Institutes.

In 2010 to 2012, DMIT software analysis got banned in China. 

All the so called DMIT Companies (Opportunist Software Companies) had only one options left  to sellout their product and that was to dump their product in India. They did the same during 2010 to present.

We (Brain Secrets) are a group of educators. we have conducted survey on reality of DMIT and found all these facts. However, there was a silver line of hope around those dark clouds of fraud. We found many research centers still operating in china. They are having their own Dermatoglyphics Analysis Lab instead of DMIT Software.

We (Brain Secrets) inspired from their ethical practice and launched Brain Secrets DITA. We have completed our research pilot-run of 3 years (Statistical Study of more than 33000 students and professionals) and launched our Ambitious Project.

Brain Secrets became the first company to launch Manual Analysis System for inborn talent test. Brain Secrets DITA report is detailed analysis of :

  • Fingerprint Ridge Count
  • Fingerprint Type
  • ATD Angle

All above tests are Manually Analyzed by Certified Dermatoglyphics Professionals of Brain secrets.


2 responses to “DMIT Software is another white-collar Fraud

  1. i will send you my fingerprints please send me my report.
    whatever your charges i am ready to pay to you
    you mean to say that You are the only one company who is working perfectly on DMIT.?
    but you are sure that the concept of dermatoglyphics is true.

  2. Hi Deepak, Thanks for showing interest in Brain Secrets. We will contact you on your email for your test and charges. As far as the concept of Dermatoglyphic is concerned, its not concept. Dermatoglyphic is a science itself. You may search with ‘Dermatoglyphic’ in Google Scholar and you will find ‘N’ numbers of journals and research papers.
    Responding to your another question- yes, we are doing it perfectly and as per FBI Guidelines. We are not using DMIT Software to analyse fingerprints. and our system is up to date. all other DMIT software are designed in 2009 and they are using the same till date.
    Looking forward to more awareness in public from your mouth. (only if you are agree with our ethical practice)

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