A. About Brain Secrets DITA

Eras after a single of knowledge, the truly evolved humans exists in this "Era of Wisdom" is esteemed only with the optimum use of Brains. The rest is history...

These words sum up the efforts of the DOT Remedies Pvt. Ltd, which integrates people, processes and potential towards the betterment of mankind. It all began with the toil of one enterprising individual, Mr. Kaushal Pandya, when he ventured on his own with all his experience & expertise in Management & Marketing on grassroots level. BRAIN SECRETS is the venture of DOT Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

BRAIN SECRETS DITA is the only Dermatoglyphics Company based in India with a globalized vision. Besides, we are the first company to introduce Dermatoglyphics practicing with Manual Analysis System into India. We also have a team of professional Dermatoglyphics practitioners and lecturers specially trained to cater to the local market.

Dermatoglyphics is a profession which consists of embryology, genetics and psychology. In the earlier days, some foreign company introduced the technology into local markets but their operations were based on the franchising model. These foreign companies were unable to penetrate into the local market because they could not adapt the domestic strategy. Consequently, these franchises kept changing hands as the agents failed to develop the local market.

BRAIN SECRETS DITA is established in 2010. Our company founder Mr. Kaushal Pandya’s mission is to educate people with a humanistic approach. He committed huge sums of capital into this cause, developing the research field and brought to India Dermatoglyphics and multiple intelligence tests. Besides, he collected domestic fingerprint samples and created a database. The domestic research conducted has greatly increased the accuracy of our reports and represents a better approximation to the local condition.

BRAIN SECRETS DITA is also a company which implements both globalization and localization strategies. This allowed us to become India’s fastest growing and the most Trusted Dermatoglyphics Company. We are also the most qualified, well-trained Dermatoglyphics practitioners. As per our company Mission, our 1st goal is to serve this Life Changing Technology to Developing Nations rather than developed nations.



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