B. Message from Founder-CEO


Message from Founder-CEO

BRAIN SECRETS DITA was established in 2010. Since then, we have strive to accomplish our mission of empowering individuals to master their own inborn talents. With this head start, they will always gain a competitive edge in their lives.

Many People make costly mistakes in their lives and we hope that through the use of this system there will be more talented people in the world who are placed correctly and not waste their Talent and Life. In order to allow more people in the world to be able to discover their Potential and Personal Characteristics, which was only accessible to few people in the past. Brain Secrets has enhanced the technology of Fingerprint Profiling to develop the DITA System.

In this relentless world stirring with competitions, the pace of progress dizzyingly fast. The technological advancements and globalization process have opened the floodgates of competitors from all over the world. Our future generations are now compelled to face challenges posed by international talents. As the threats loom, we ask ourselves several critical questions. Are our children fully prepared to stand up to the test? Have you mastered your own potentials? As parents, have you discovered your children’s talents?

BRAIN SECRETS DITA receives major support from U.S.A., China, Taiwan and Malaysia for research and development, which will further improve our services rendered. Our company is staffed with highly skilled professional trainers, Dermatoglyphics practitioners and marketing personnel. Armed with these invaluable human resources, we hope to expand the market and reach out to more individuals for the betterment of their lives.

We have utmost confidence that BRAIN SECRETS DITA will fulfill our promises to the society. By perfecting our business model and customer experience, we will help everyone discover their innate abilities and take them to unprecedented heights.

Kaushal Pandya


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